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Why Outsource? - Kimmunicate Plus





"...regularly communicated, updated us, delivered the project on time and provided accurate information".

Why Outsource?

When we carry out marketing for ourselves we ask prospective clients who did not want to use our services, the reasons why they operated in house and they said the following:

  • Keep profits in house
  • Cost
  • Ease of access to customer data
  • Better utilisation of staff
  • Agency lack of understanding of the business
  • Fear of losing control.

However, they also said that there were disadvantages:

  • Once made, commitment to invest is inescapable
  • Increased headcount and overheads
  • Resource needs to be fully employed even during seasonal ‘lows’
  • Holiday and sickness cover is required
  • Company has responsibility for individual, team and unit performance.

In contrast, we asked our ‘own clients’ why they opted to outsource their marketing requirements and the following reasons were given:

  • Limited financial outlay when employing an agency for one off campaigns
  • No fixed investment for a series of campaigns
  • Can provide short term support during busy periods
  • 100% commitment
  • Full resources of the agency always on call
  • Need only use it when required
  • Specialists in telephone marketing and telephones sales
  • Expertise to create the most effective type of campaign for the situation
  • Fully established management control and monitoring procedures
  • No additional resources required eg: staff, hardware, telephone lines, premises
  • No additional overheads
  • Can accommodate urgent requirements
  • Flexibility
  • High level of efficiency